The people of our community are the heart of the entire Band Shell program.  The original Band Shell structure was built with financial contributions as well as the donation of materials and labor from community organizers. 

Gathering a mix of amateur and professional performers, the Committee looks to the local community for potential acts as they plan the upcoming season. Committee members are always interested in your show suggestions.

With the continued financial support of the many generous donors, the Band Shell Entertainment Committee plans each season's programs.  The annual entertainment budget is $25,000 - $30,000.

While a patronage drive is conducted each spring, contributions are graciously accepted at any time.  The Band Shell Patronage Program was designed with a level of giving to suit anyone's budget.  Some donors make more than one contribution during the year, allowing them to make a greater impact on our season without an impact on their pocketbook.

At each level of contribution, donors receive added "perks" in the form of free or discounted season tickets.  Here is a complete explanation of our Patronage Program:



Partner: $500 : 10 FREE Season Tickets

Advocate: $250 : 5 FREE Season Tickets

Benefactor: $100 : 2 FREE Season Tickets

Patron: $75 : 1 FREE Season Ticket

Contributor: $50 : Up to 2 Season tickets $12.50 each

Friend: $25 : Up to 2 Season tickets $18.00 each

The Band Shell Patronage / Membership Program includes a Corporate gift-giving level for 



Corporate Partner: $5000 : 30 FREE Season Tickets

Corporate Advocate: $2500 : 20 FREE Season Tickets

Corporate Benefactor: $1000 : 10 FREE Season Tickets

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